Monga (2010)

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Monga refers to the present day Wanhua district in Taipei. The film Monga depicts the struggles between gangs in the district during the 1980s. Set in the oldest district in Taipei, Monga is a violent film that deals with brotherhood and gangsterism.
Mosquito (Mark Chao), Monk (Ethan Ruan), Dragon (Rhydian Vaughan), White Monkey (Emerson Tsai) and Dog Boy (Chen Han Dian) are all members of the ‘Gang of Princes’. Geta (Ma Ru Long), one of Monga’s gang leaders and also Dragon's father teaches them about the laws of a brotherhood which they should always fight to protect their honour.

The boys soon begin to enjoy their new found gangster lifestyle and are already planning to take over as top gang on the streets of Monga. But little do they know that there are others who are deeply jealous of Mosquito’s success.
A gang from another area attempts to muscle in on the action in Monga by befriending Wen Qian (Jason Wang) a member of a rival gang. The outsiders conspire to take out Monga’s gang bosses, including Geta, and approach Monk to betray Dragon's gang. Mosquito uncovers Monk’s betrayal, and the scene is set for a violent showdown...
Country: Taiwan
Production Company: 1 Production Film/ A Green Day Film Co.on
Genre: Drama/ Action
Director: Niu Cheng Ze
Starring: Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao, Rhydian Vaughan, Ma Ru Long,
Ke Jia Yan, Niu Cheng Ze, Huang Deng Hui, Jason Wang,
Emerson Tsai, Chen Han Dian
Length: 141 mins
Date of release: 5th February, 2010
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