Film Semi Sundome 2 (2008)

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Download Film Semi Sundome 2 (2008)
The life of Hideo Aiba completely changed since Kurumi Sahana transferred to his school. Sexually shackled by her, Hideo rejected Kyoko's feelings and even committed the act of masturbating in the nude. Although he was punished for the incident, the whole school frowns upon the Romance Club whose president is Hideo himself. Mr. Imabayashi, the advisor of the school's American football team and the chief of physical education, tries to abolish the Romance Club in order to force Kurumi to be the manager of the team. Hideo and his club members desperately endure the bashing from Imabayashi. Meanwhile, his relationship with Kurumi, who's mostly absent from school in poor physical condition, is on and off. Hideo's incomprehension over her intentions continues. Kurumi decides to become the football team's manager in exchange for keeping the Romance Club going. Hideo and his members risk much to get Kurumi back and regenerate their club.
 Year: 2008
Directed by: Aigo Udagawa
Runtime:95 min
Size: 699.06 MB
Download Film Semi Sundome 2
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