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Ten years after witnessing her older sister's brutal murder, Jenny Traylor (Christina Brucato) leaves her hometown in North Carolina to start her freshman year at the University of New York City. Still traumatized by her sister's death and struggling with crippling agoraphobia, Jenny tries to cope with the overwhelming city and figure out her new life, all while under the secret watch of Lt. Fox (Tony Award® nominee Terrence Mann) — the police officer who shot her sister's assailant.When Tim (Bryan Fenkart), Jenny's over-enthusiastic Resident Advisor, organizes a Welcome Week scavenger hunt, Jenny is reluctantly persuaded to join the game, along with her theatrical roommate, AnGELa (Hollis Scarborough), the sultry Deena (Frankie Shaw), and sweetheart Gavin (Tate Ellington), who is dealing with his own troubled past. But as Jenny and her new friends decipher the cryptic clues being texted to their cell phones — clues that lead them on a tangled path through darker and increasingly remote parts of the city — it becomes terrifyingly clear that the stakes are much higher than the White Stripes concert tickets they were trying to win.
Date Released : 2009
Quality : UNRATED DVDRip XviD
Info :
Starring : Terrence Mann, Christina Brucato, Tate Ellington
Genre : Comedy | Horror | Thriller
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