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Synopsis :
Kamikura Hiruki is a teacher at Nadeshiko Academy, a school prestigious for its arts. He is also the director of the famed school's art club, although he never draws. Why? Well... he won't exactly say. His talent is legendary; however, he quit drawing for some reason.
One day his cousin, Hosen Elise, comes to live with him. She came to the school on an art scholarship, but due to a tragic event that happened to her parents, she cannot use the colour red in her paintings.
What will get these two to turn back to the arts?

Download Film Canvas 2

  1. Classic Red Prohibition
  2. Mandarin Orange Reunion
  3. Canary Yellow Prank
  4. Cobalt Blue Impatience
  5. Moon Gray Sigh
  6. Emerald Green Temptation
  7. Sand Beige Sea Roar
  8. Midnight Blue Sadness
  9. Sentimental Azure
  10. Snow White Recollections
  11. Light Yellow Distance
  12. Evergreen Innocence
  13. Sepia Triangle
  14. Dark Navy Secret
  15. Indigo Blue Pressure
  16. Light Purple All Night Long
  17. Want To Deliver Cherry Pink
  18. Shoot At Tomato Red!
  19. A Milky White Night
  20. Marmalade Coloured Evening
  21. Crystal Blank Map
  22. On An Indigo Dawn
  23. Christmas Coloured Decision
  24. Rainbow Coloured Finale

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